gosh I really have no words.. thank you all for continuously supporting and sticking with me!! =D

whats your new modblog? ;v;

ask me off anon!! =D #reply

Nice of you to apologize to fae. But did you ever apologize to what you did to her.

Who’s “her” exactly? I need a name. 

Tracing is how you learn. Though if they take credit for it, thats not okay. Tracing gave me my steady hand and then I moved on to step-by-step visual drawing. But I have no clue bout the situation so… yeah

yeah sure tracing for practice is fine as long as the creator of that drawing is okay with it, but thats not what im talking about. the type of tracing im talking about is when the person traces over it, doesnt ask the original creator if its okay and then posts it claiming it to be theirs and “original”. they’ve stolen designs and styles over three times and it’s at that point where they need to be reported and removed.

smh @  tracers

will you ever learn

i heard u like me

i LOVE you <333333333333333333333333333333333

hello i am looking for a super adorable cutie called bana have u seen him

right here bby how u doin

Doesn't the design of that moonlight wolf person look WAAAY to close to Eleanor mods style and OCs?

yes, they stole tumblr user pawsmilk’s original design of eleanor and then claimed it as their own. then they trace over their artwork and call it “original”. 



That’s my ponysona. I did this because a few people (including my lil sis) bully sometimes. I’m leaving some of my friends cause im going to a different school. I hope this inspires lots.

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i forgot to put positive in the tags

Day after re blog

mm yes look at the quality of your original artwork oh yes


o///u///o getting more original. little by little

if you think originality means tracing over someones artwork then honey youve got a big storm comin 


i havent drawn bana bunches in a while!!


i havent drawn bana bunches in a while!!

pixel princess (click for full view)

hey hows it goin 

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