Sup random mod, how goes it?

it goes well!

I liek gay ovo

right on

We would have lotso sax and have so many (adopted) babies

buggy no

Draw Twilight in 10 seconds... Using MS PAINT.

did i do good

im gay 4 u bby~~~~



holy shit i saw your twi sketches and holy hell do you do commissions

not yet!! i havent finished the commission prices/set up but ill keep you posted =)

How have you been?

ive been ok!! started school again so im rly tired but i will manage!!

Very nice art...

thank you!!

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

that’s a hard one, but i guess id have to say ben & jerrys half-baked ice cream? ?? its so good mmhmhmhnhhhggg

You are a cutie, don't be bored :I

send me messages!!!!!!!! =D

im so bored help


fucking hell i spelled achievement wrong. 
You see kids this is why you don’t do things in the morning 

keep up the great work!!

some twi doodles/wips!!

Cute art :3 <3

thank you!!

school in 10 days im not ready im so not ready 

when do you guys start school?

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