hey hey!!! 

have u ever wanted a commission from me??? no??? 2 BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im in need of some quick money for food, clothing, school, etc. so i decided that its finally time that i opened commissions!!!! 

this is my first time ever doing money commissions so pls bear with me as i struggle to use paypal;;;

email me @ banabunches@gmail.com if ur interested in purchasing one of these SUPER COOL DRAWINGS by ME and ill send u further instructions!!! YEAH!!!!

even if u cant commission me id rly appreciate it if you could reblog this and maybe spread the word a little!! thanks!!

Your art's really cute. Bye.

starting commissions…………………………… soon………………………….. 

flitter flutter through the sunshine breeze,

mod pic monday + cat!!! n q n

will i ever stop drawing twilight?? no

i know i asked this before, but since ive gotten a lot more followers over the past couple of months ill ask it again!! =D

who’s your favorite pony from mlp?

twilight psirkeleleekrkgdfjg

Go to Tumblr, search for new blogs, find this one, watch art, wow so cute kawaii, follow, question what I'm doing with my life, watch more art, go to the ask box, nice art, well done

thank you!!

Why will you be drawing parking lots?

askthesugarponies replied to your post: HELLO HOW IS EVERYBODY TODAY I AM FEEL…

you seem sad



Sup random mod, how goes it?

it goes well!

I liek gay ovo

right on

We would have lotso sax and have so many (adopted) babies

buggy no

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